Waco Mammoth National Monument: Camp FIMFO Waco family Campground!

Are you excited about your visit to Waco Mammoth National Monument? Waco has grown into a unique tourist destination that is full of family fun. Fortunately, a new campground, FIMFO Waco, has entered the scene to fill out your days with adventures, fun, and food!

As central Texans, we had the opportunity to stay at FIMFO in early August. We explored the amenities, played all of the games, and waded the not-so-deep waters of its offerings. Spoiler alert! We loved it!

For a visual introduction to this special place, consider our video here:

Why visit Waco?

Waco is a fast-growing region of Texas located around ninety minutes north of Austin and ninety minutes south of Dallas. The popular TV show called “Fixer Upper” helped to draw eyes to this college town. Aside from Joanna Gaines’ popular Magnolia Silos, other regional draws include Baylor College athletics and the popular National Monument called Waco Mammoth.

Adults and children alike will enjoy exploring this national monument showcasing fossil specimens of these ice age mammoths. And, yes, there IS a Junior Ranger program!

So, come down to Waco for some shopping, some sports, and some world-class, National Park style exploration!

Camp FIMFO is the place to stay!

The pace is a little slower down in Waco, Texas, and this makes for a great camping experience. Why stay at a hotel or short term rental when you can enjoy a campsite, cabin, or tent site surrounded by fun, family activities?

Pool & Water Park

After a morning of touring, enjoy your afternoon and evening poolside. With waterslides and a swim-up bar, you will cool off and wind down.

Food Service

The onsite Tavern offers a tasty menu of nuggets, pizzas, and tacos.

Even the gluten-free among us have great options at the FIMFO Tavern! Cauliflour crust pizza, anyone? My kids LOVED the pizza, and the fries were a big hit, too!

Fun & Games

Gather the family around the activity yard for ziplining, mini-golfing, and a serious game of horseshoes! Additionally, the central gaming area includes a playscape, bounce pillow, tennis court, and pickleball court. Of all the campgrounds we have enjoyed, FIMFO Waco has the broadest variety of outdoor gaming options.


Unlike many other family campgrounds, Camp FIMFO offers FREE gear rentals to all guests! This means that you and your family can check out any of the supplies needed to enjoy all of the outdoor activities. From tennis rackets and wiffle ball bats to golf clubs and golf balls, the free, onsite rentals will ensure that you are ready to play whenever the urge strikes.

Camp FIMFO Waco: Review & Feedback

We enjoyed two nights in a “Firewheel” cabin in August. As it shook out, this happened to be in the dead center of an historic Texas heatwave. Each day of our stay the temperatures rose over the one-hundred degree mark. It was toasty outside!

Comfortable Pool Experience

Due to the extreme heat and the discomfort this can create, there were fewer RVers and tent campers than this park might hold during more temperate times of the year. However, fewer guests than maximum capacity meant that the pool and water playground were spacious and fun for everyone to enjoy. There was no “people soup” at this campground, and we swam blissfully during the heat of the day!

Central Gaming and Activity Experience

Y’all…this was the best of the best! Even though we live only ninety minutes from this campground, we will likely return just to enjoy the variety of outdoor activities at FIMFO Waco. We played billiards, golf, wiffle ball, and tennis. My kids, ages 14 and 12, loved the zipline and the bounce pillow. We could have stayed and played at this campground for a full week!

Resting on the banks of the Bosque River, FIMFO also offers kayak and paddleboard rentals. There was barely any current in the river, so my son enjoyed a peaceful afternoon of paddleboarding. I stood on the banks fretting about snakes…

Cabin Experience

While we prefer to travel in our RV, the oppressive heat eliminated this option. We stayed in a cabin instead. The cabin was new and perfectly equipped for a family to enjoy. When it is too hot to sit around a campfire, we do like to watch movies together. FIMFO Waco included televisions with streaming access in each cabin, and the wifi was free and excellent.


We are delighted that this campground is so well-priced for the experience you can enjoy. Cabins often range from $150-$250 per night, and RV sites rent for $50-$120 per night. Tent sites are competitive with the most basic RV sites and start around $55 per night.

Less Than Ideal…

Although some of the features such as the wifi and the central gaming area were absolutely idyllic, FIMFO Waco does have some room to improve.

  1. Most of the campsites have little, if any, shade. Since the campgound is only two years-old, it may take time to add and grow a bit more shade. However, most of the year, central Texas is temperate and little shade is necessary. Just keep this in mind when you are visiting during the summer!
  2. In spite of all the amazing outdoor activities, FIMFO Waco needs more evening lighting. The pond and paths are well lit; however, the gaming areas, playgrounds, sports courts, and bounce pad are dangerously dark when the sun sets. The most impactful improvement this campground could offer their guests is increased evening lighting. Come on, FIMFO! You’re WAY too fun to go dark after dark!

Final Thoughts on FIMFO Waco

This summer, our family took a whirlwind tour of four family campgrounds in Texas. To be honest, FIMFO Waco was not at the top of the list of locations we thought we would love.

But, forgive us, Father, for we have sinned because…

Camp FIMFO Waco was the unanimous favorite out of every private, family campground we have visited in Texas!

Thank you Camp FIMFO Waco! Even though we are NOT Baylor Bears fans, and we wish you decorated in maroon instead of blue (college football rivalry reference,) we WILL BE BACK.